SHIFT实验室机器人救援应用亮相 MWC 2019 英特尔展台

在世界移动通信大会 2019上,上海雾计算实验室 (SHIFT) 与Intel、iExec合作展示了基于5G和区块链的智能城市服务。该Demo呈现了利用5G连接和区块链技术构建的统一、去中心化智能城市服务平台。实验室开发的机器人救援服务作为智能城市服务的用例,进行了现场展示。

2月25日至28日,在巴塞罗那举行的世界移动通信大会 (MWC 2019)上,英特尔展示了其最新的5G技术、网络及工业应用。其中,“基于5G和区块链的智能城市服务”工业Demo是Intel、上海雾计算实验室和法国iExec公司三方合作的项目成果。利用Intel的SGX安全模块,iExec构建了基于区块链的交易平台,为智能城市服务提供了去中心化、全自动的解决方案。上海雾计算实验室的救援机器人服务作为该平台上首个智能城市服务的应用,在展会上进行了现场演示。



一年一度的世界移动通信大会 (MWC) 是全球最大的通信领域展会,本届的MWC主题是Intelligent Connectivity,汇集了来自全球2400多家公司的最新创新技术和领先技术,接纳了约11万名商业观众。此次上海雾计算实验室在MWC上展示雾计算应用,进一步加强了行业交流和联系。


At Mobile World Congress 2019, Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology ( SHIFT ), in cooperation with Intel and iExec, demonstrated smart city service powered by 5G and blockchain. The demo presents a unified and decentralized smart city service platform based on 5G connection and blockchain technology. As a smart city use case, the robot rescue service developed by SHIFT is live showed.

During February 25th to 28th, at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) in Barcelona, Intel demonstrated its latest 5G technology, networking and industrial applications. Among them, 5G and Blockchain powered Smart City Services industrial demo is a result of a tripartite cooperation project between Intel, SHIFT and iExec. Leveraging Intel’s SGX security module, iExec built a blockchain-based marking platform, providing a decentralized and autonomous solution for smart city services. The rescue robot service from SHIFT, as the first application of smart city on the platform, was showcased on the scene.

Rescue robot is a fog computing demo developed by Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology (SHIFT). With the help of computing capability from fog nodes, robot rescuers is enabled to explore the environment, generating a map and navigating autonomously. Low-latency network connection make it possible for robots to move in formation without global position information.

The rescue robot application assumes that a robot fails to navigate due to certain faults in an unknown area. When the rescue service is started, the rescuer explores the surrounding environment and generates a regional map. The rescuer returns to the trapped area and forms a convoy with the faulty robots, leading them to the safety destination. By deploying the robot rescue service to iExec’s market, users can order it from anywhere and pay for it in digital currency.

The annual MWC is the world’s largest exhibition in the field of communication. The theme of this year’s event is Intelligent Connectivity, which brings together the latest innovative technologies and leading-edge technology from more than 2,400 companies around the world and attracts about 110,000 trade visitors.

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