June 25 (Monday) 13:00 - 17:00


June 26 (Tuesday)

Start EndTitle PresentersAffiliationLocation
08:30 09:00Opening Talk Jie YinShanghaiTech UniversitySIST Auditorium
09:00 09:40Keynote: Fog Computing and Networking: A Key Pillar for Current 5G Engineering to future 6G Research T. Russell HsingNCTU, OpenFog ConsortiumSIST Auditorium
09:40 10:20Keynote: Fog Computing for Intelligent IoT ApplicationsYang YangShanghaiTech University, OpenFog ConsortiumSIST Auditorium
10:20 10:50Coffee Break
10:50 11:30Keynote: Fog Application in Industry IoT Jun LiuCiscoSIST Auditorium
11:30 12:00Fog Panel: Will Fog Be the Future? Moderator: Xiliang Luo
Panelists: T. Russell Hsing, Yang Yang, Jun Liu, Jianhong Xiao, John K. Zao
SIST Auditorium
12:00 13:30Lunch Break
13:30 14:30Distributed Consensus: A Classic Problem for Modern Times Rui FanShanghaiTech UniversitySIST Auditorium
14:30 15:30Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Parallel and Decentralized Optimization Qing LingSun Yat-sen UniversitySIST Auditorium
15:30 16:00Coffee Break
16:00 17:00Large-Scale Optimization for Machine LearningYuanming ShiShanghaiTech UniversitySIST Auditorium
18:30 21:30Banquet

June 27 (Wednesday)

Start EndTitle PresentersAffiliationLocation
08:30 09:10Keynote: Fog Computing for IT & OT Convergence Makoto YasudaHitachi, OpenFog ConsortiumSIST Auditorium
09:10 09:50Keynote: Trusted Fog Nodes with Trusted Execution Environment and End-to-End Security Support John K. ZaoNCTU, OpenFog Consortium, IEEE 1934SIST Auditorium
09:50 10:30Keynote: Evolution of Fog/Edge Computing Ziqiang HouChinese Academy of SciencesSIST Auditorium
10:30 10:50Coffee Break
10:50 11:30Keynote: AI&NI are Making SDR Smarter Frank ZhaoNISIST Auditorium
11:30 12:10Keynote: FPGA Enabled Acceleration Framework in 5G, Edge Computing and AI ApplicationJiayou ZongXilinxSIST Auditorium
12:10 13:30Lunch Break
13:30 14:30Deep Networks for Representation Learning Xuming HeShanghaiTech UniversitySIST Auditorium
14:30 15:30Bayesian Inference in Scientific ComputingQifeng LiaoShanghaiTech UniversitySIST Auditorium
15:30 16:00Coffee Break
16:00 17:00SLAM: Sensing the World in 3DLaurent KneipShanghaiTech UniversitySIST Auditorium

June 28 (Thursday) 08:00 - 08:30

Hackathon Opening Talk

June 28 (Thursday) 08:30 - June 29 (Friday) 08:30


June 29 (Friday) 09:00 - 12:00

Defense & Award

2018 SHIFT Summer School on “Fog Computing”
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